The Uyghur
story so far

Speak out to protect the Uyghurs

It is estimated that at least 1 million Uyghurs are currently in “vocational
training centres” in Xingjian, China, having been arbitrarily arrested and
snatched from their homes.
Throughout Xinjiang, there are large, sprawling compounds, made secure with
thick concrete walls, lined with glinting barbed wire and dotted with vigilant
surveillance cameras. Tall watchtowers loom over the building, providing an
eagle-eye view of the entire compound. These iron-clad facilities are China’s
“vocational training centres”, also known as “re-education camps”.
China’s “vocational training centres” are places designed to weed out extremism
and provide people with a range of innovative, new skills. China would have you
believe their camps in Xinjiang are a place of progression and peaceful reform.
The truth is far more horrifying. These are not “vocational training centres” –
these are concentration camps.

Stories of torture, forced medical experiments and rape are coming to light, and
the atrocities don’t end there. The Uyghur people are being physically and
psychologically tortured and being denied religious freedom.
Inside the camps, prisoners are kept on a strict routine. They wake up at 6AM,
eat a meagre breakfast, learn Chinese language, propaganda songs and Chinese slogans – such as “I love China”, “Thank you to the Communist Party” and “I am Chinese”. They confess to their sins between 4 and 6PM, eat, think about their crimes and write them down, before going to bed at 12AM. Reports and accounts reveal that prisoners’ hands and feet are shackled all day, except when they have to write. Even in sleep they were shackled, and are required to sleep on their right side, and anyone who turns over is punished. Punishment takes place publicly on a daily basis.



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6 Facts About the Camps

1 - Numbers
Daniela Lou

Over 1 million Uyghurs are confined to camps, having been arrested and are snatched away from their families

2 - Punishment
Stephen Jones
Marketing manager

Severe public punishment takes place daily, as well as torturous punishment in private which includes rape and mutilation of limbs.

3 - Shackled
Sam Lotus
Web Designer

Prisoners’ hands and feet are chained all day, even when they are asleep. They are forced to sleep on their right side, and are beaten if they turn over.

4 - Propoganda

Uyghurs learn Chinese and communist propaganda songs and are made to swear allegiance to the Communist Manifesto

5 - Isolation

Nobody is allowed to contact their families, so millions of people in China do not know whether their loved ones are alive

6 - Forbidden to be Muslim

Uyghurs are forced to eat pork and consume alcohol as ways to denouce their Islamic faith


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